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April 23, 2010

It is very rare that I stop dead in my tracks over a fashion photo spread. Doing what I do, involves digging through many, many photos, for many hours. It involves researching every fashion magazine known to man for inspiration. You can’t very well do what you do, without, knowing what you know.  So with this endless research, and the ever elusive hunt for something that grabs, and inspires me, I end up looking through thousands of images. Don’t get me wrong I find many stunning shots, captivating faces, and gorgeous fashion, but it is rare to find something that sucks me in for longer than a few minutes. I feel like I am dating my research. I am courting many images that I like, but I don’t love. I keep them for a while, I think about them, I wonder where we are going in life, and if we have a future together. In the end we stay friends, but we realized that we are not meant to be. We remain friends, and I store them away in a folder to wait for the possible second chance later in life.

You spend so much time digging, and searching, that when you are hit with your visual “love at first sight” it can catch you off guard. This is exactly what happened to me. As im lazily clicking through images…, click….ummm no, click…. maybe? no, click. So on and so forth until I see this spread “Rock the House”, that was featured in Vogue 2001.  The images struck me something hard. This shoot combined fantastic visuals, with the music industry. The spread used images that have made a mark on music history as a sort of template, if you will. They took these already fabulous pictures, and then added  a spin of well-known models playing the part of musician.

I rarely find something that stops me dead in my tracks, but this captured me whole. A beautiful, and fresh take on days of the past. Harnessing a great balance between adding a new spin without losing the touch of history as a whole. Rock the House, not only shook this place, but Rocked my world.

Rock the House

Vogue US, November 2001

Photographer: Steven Meisel

Models: Devon Aoki, Ben Northover, Karolina Kurkova
Fanni Bostrom, Audrey Marnay, Tasha Tilberg,
Trish Goff, Cyrille Victor, Sophie Dahl, Kiara Kabukuru, Omahyra Mota,
Hannelore Knuts, Diana Meszaros,  Matt Duffie, Karen Elson and others