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Winter Kate-for spring

April 18, 2010

Do you remember the girl with neon extensions, and matching belly bearing velour workout suits? I do. Her name was Nicole Richie.  At this time she was a reality TV star. Nicole, and Paris Hilton were side by side, having their lives recorded for us to see. They were loud, and spoiled.  Back then to call her style over the top, was a understatement. What a far cry from the mother of two, soon to be wife, and fashion designer, that she has become. May I say….THANK GOD!

She has found a healthy life, created a beautiful family, and dropped the ratty extensions. Nicole has created a style that we all love. She launched her first project line in 2006, House of Harlow 1960. This collection is a representation, of the bohemian-chic fashion, that she is known for. She started off the line with gold jewelry, inspired by her love of vintage. As a first time mother of her new daughter Harlow, she wanted to just start with accessories, to test the fashion waters.

“A fashion line “was always something that was a long-term plan. I’ve always known I wanted to design clothes,” Richie says. “You really have to put all of your time and effort into it. That’s why I didn’t start with clothing, because I didn’t have the time.”

House of Harlow is being embraced with open arms by the fashion industry, and consumers alike. This being the case she has decided to add a bit more to her designing plate. This is ambitious. Not only is she starting to design more, she also has added another child to her family. Mother of two now, Nicole has found time to give us more lovely things to pine over.  She is launching her collection, Winter Kate this spring. This time around she is not limiting herself to accessories. Winter Kate is packed with items we have all seen the star wearing, and wished we could have. The 40-piece inaugural spring 2010 collection features vests, camisoles, cardigans, kimono jackets, dresses, blouses, and staple cropped leather jacket. The items are ranging in price from $98 to $495, with most pieces set in the low $200s.

I 100% designed everything. Colors, cuts, fabrics. I would never put my name on something I wouldn’t wear myself. That’s why it’s taken me this long to have my line come out. … I do respect designers that go in it for the long haul and don’t do things that are trendy.”

“Everything is extremely affordable, and that was important to me, to have these pieces be accessible to everyone,” she says. Items from Winter Kate will retail from $68 for a tank top to $1,375 for a suede vest, and House of Harlow shoes range from $158 for a flat sandal to $275 for a suede boot.

I believe, ultimately, Richie is creating the fashion forward, yet timeless fashion we have all been waiting for. I will remember the trashy version of Nicole with a fond smile, and maybe a laugh. I find myself so pleased that Richie has taking the path that she has, to the road of designer. The journey of life changes everything. With each step we change, with each day we grow. Not only are the roads you choose changing your life, but they are also evolving your personal style. For the most part we do not really think about how our fashion will change, from one year, to the next. We know that fashion trends of the past have resulted in, embarrassing photos of ourselves, and mocking from younger generations. Unless you are the younger generation,than, shame, shame . Thankfully we change, and the best example of this is Nicole Richie.

“I just want to do my upcoming projects to the best of my ability. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.”  -Nicole Richie


Man up

April 13, 2010

There is no doubt, I am all woman. Though there is no doubt about my gender, and I enjoy very feminine things (all about the ruffles) These days it seems I can not get enough of the menswear trend. I have always been attracted to the laid back, and down right sexy look of a mans dress shirt, combined with a snug fitting jean.

I started to discover a whole new world when “Mad Men” the sitcom started playing. The screen was filled with  button up dress shirts tied perfectly at the bottom, to meet a high-wasted pant, or skirt. I was inspired. It seems I was not the only one running to my man’s closet, to steal a few pieces. Boyfriend over sized blazers, fedora, relaxed jeans, slouchy slacks, button ups, the list goes on. It seems everywhere I look I am seeing new twists on this look.

There is something extremely sexy, and feminine, about a subtle glimpse of a womans curves under a mans clothing. You will drive the other sex crazy. Plus I have to admit, I feel pretty, as well as down right powerful in the get up as well.

They may be lost boys, But the fashion is anything but lost.

April 12, 2010

Last night I found myself trying to calm my mind, and fall asleep. With nothing soothing me, why not pop in an old  favorite movie. There is nothing like the 80’s, and 90’s to make me lulled into happy dreams. I was deciding which tape to play (yes I was watching VHS) I realized I was surely killing my copy of “Jurassic Park” by playing it every night for three months. It was clear at this point it was time to switch it up. “The Lost Boys” it is then. While watching this feathered hair, leather clad, bandana wearing joy of a movie I realized something very familiar. The fashion style of the 80’s that I have made fun of since I could talk, is back. I knew the trend has been creeping its way back into our hearts (although I think most of the population is putting up a fight). I found myself watching the Cory’s fluffy hair, and strong graphic shirts, in FULL awe. How did this happen. I could no longer make fun of this eras style in good conscious, unless I was willing to bad talk my own. So here is an Ode to the style that refused to be lost.

H&M has come (go ahead let out that scream)

April 11, 2010

There is nothing I can say to make this more exciting. There is nothing I can tell a fashion inspired, clothing lover, that will make this event any more thrilling. H&M is coming to Portland.So I will not ramble on about the lines, or the store. I will not fluff this up with my words. I will only show you some pictures I have collected, to get you pumped up. I am sad to say goodbye to Saks, but happy to welcome H&M to our city. No longer will we all have to plan day trips on the train to shop. I am going to enjoy this, and I will be there the day they open the doors for the first time. I do not want to push my luck, but now if only we could have a Top shop. Ok, Ok one thing at a time…..a girl can dream right?!?


Hello pretty

March 13, 2010

Spring romantic is here. Pull out your curling irons, and wave that hair. Undone romantic.  Throw on your flirty skirts, lovely dresses, and finish with a cardi, or crochet piece. Final step to finish the look is…..(drum roll please) vintage belts, antique style jewelry, and feminine hair accessories. Have fun and be flirty.


March 9, 2010

You will notice a common thread in my posts. I bring up the effortless chic idea often, and for good reason. Anyone can follow trends, and jump on the next band wagon. How hard is it to walk in, and copy the first mannequin you see. That being said, now think about what true style is to you.

For me true style is an effortless chic.  I  think that effort should not show effort in you outfit. Its selling this appearance of rolling out of bed looking like a million dollars. A vibe of confidence, and comfort. When I say comfort I do not mean sweat pants, and sneakers. Comfort in your own skin. To wear your own skin with pride, and confidence. When one can feel good in the skin they are in, one can accessorize around that.

Two examples on the opposite end of the spectrum are Audrey Tautou, and Alexa Chung. Audrey being very classic, sophisticated, with many examples of clean line.  Alexa is attic chic as I like to call it. She has a thrown together look that works. A combination, of vintage, and high fashion.