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They may be lost boys, But the fashion is anything but lost.

April 12, 2010

Last night I found myself trying to calm my mind, and fall asleep. With nothing soothing me, why not pop in an old  favorite movie. There is nothing like the 80’s, and 90’s to make me lulled into happy dreams. I was deciding which tape to play (yes I was watching VHS) I realized I was surely killing my copy of “Jurassic Park” by playing it every night for three months. It was clear at this point it was time to switch it up. “The Lost Boys” it is then. While watching this feathered hair, leather clad, bandana wearing joy of a movie I realized something very familiar. The fashion style of the 80’s that I have made fun of since I could talk, is back. I knew the trend has been creeping its way back into our hearts (although I think most of the population is putting up a fight). I found myself watching the Cory’s fluffy hair, and strong graphic shirts, in FULL awe. How did this happen. I could no longer make fun of this eras style in good conscious, unless I was willing to bad talk my own. So here is an Ode to the style that refused to be lost.