revenge of the ummmm nerds?

April 11, 2010

The word nerd makes most of us think back to the kid that we sat next to in our science class. You know the one….kind of shy, had lots of allergies (and mucus), and you were sure at the time that he slept with his calculator at night. Most of us instantly think back to those classmates, well unless you were that class mate. In which case I’m sorry. Actually, no I am not sorry. I do not apologize for anything, because not only do you more than likely have a great job due to the education you chose to absorb, but money probably followed. I would like you to know nerds of the past, that you have not only bettered yourself, but you also started a glasses wearing, high water pants loving revolution. Well done.

I not only see magazine ads for such looks that make you want to reach for a pocket protector, but waves of people on the street sporting the fashion in real life. If you have missed out on this phenomenon just walk into any American Apparel and feast your eyes on many specimens trying to nerdify themselves. Enjoy the show, have fun with the idea, although I beg you not to get to lost into the labyrinth of nerdidum. When fashion changes, as it always does I would hate for you to be left behind. Asking yourself why you have a wardrobe fit for Urkle. “Ooops you’ve fallen and you can’t get up.”


they say vogue is the fashion bible?

April 4, 2010

Women around the world follow fashion, some looking across the globe for inspiration. They are subscribing to countless style magazines, immersing themselves in every article. The technologically savvy readers are finding an infinite number of fashion blogs at their fingertips.  Many overworked, under or over paid women are in search of the new item that will change their life. It may not change the work schedule, or inspire a raise, but that new Chloe bag might just make her feel like all of her hard work was worth it, And by that, her prayers have been answered. Shallow as it may sound, our society is searching to fill a void within itself. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica 921 million”non-religious” people populate the world.  With conventional religion becoming more of a personal choice, many are left to find self fulfillment in other arenas. Clothing our bodies has become something dare I say, spiritual.

The fashion culture is constantly growing and inspiring the next generation. For those who do not understand the true thrill of making a coveted piece your own, I’ll explain. Those elusive pieces like the pair of jeans that hug you in all the right places, or the deliciously charming peep-toe bootie that you have been envisioning for months.  The moment they finally materialize on the shelf it’s like finding the Holy Grail. This makes the hunt worth every step.  Seeing a person spending so much time, let alone hard earned “green” devoted to the coming, and goings of trends can seem ridiculous. That is for those that have not seen the fashion light.

“Fashion is religion”

If fashion has become religion for us I can’t help but wonder; what impact has conventional religion made on trends throughout the years? Over time we have seen many a nod to biblical times. Spotting not only holy inspired trends on the streets, and on the television, but also walking down the runway.

Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw “hit me baby, one more time.”?  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Although the catholic school girl uniform has been fetishized for many years, Britney launched a new bubble gum frenzy of plaid skirts, and pigtails. This craze came, and went only to be brought back again by Gwen Stephani, and her Harajuku girls in 2005.

High fashion designers are also following the influence of religion when creating collections, whether it be conscious, or unconscious. Yves St. Laurent designed its fall 2007 collection that seemed to resemble a hip convent style (one to conjure images of chic nuns replacing the actress’ of Sex and the City.)

The Hussein Chalayan, Spring/Summer 1998 Collection show featured models in what resembled Muslim garments. One group of white full length garments, with only small sections for the eyes to be exposed. The other half of the models were in black garments. The garments alternated lengths, from below the knee, to the waist, and finally a nude model, with nothing but a black mask.

The fashion industry always looks to the future, and the unknown. With its tendencies to push boundaries, fashion has given us the tools to fill the voids left by conventional thinking. With progressive thinking taking hold, we can only expect the industries importance to grow within ourselves, and our culture. With the ever changing views of society, and the natural drive of self exploration in humanity, it’s only fitting that fashion is becoming more than an excuse to shop.

Can’t touch this

April 3, 2010

Can’t touch this

We are leaving the cold months behind. The goal is to forget about the months of “fashionable black”. The cold weather and dark skies inspired clean lines, and smooth textures. Then we were seeing Dark pencil skirts, with silky tops.  In contrast spring is all about the texture. Charging full speed ahead we are setting our sights on the sun. With sun the real star follows; spring fashion. This season it is all about playing with the attitude texture can bring to your outfits. There is no better time than spring, to create a fun wardrobe.

Catching a great buzz right now is the unfinished look.  There are many designers experiementing, and pushing the limits with fabrics. These daredevils, and fashion fabricators are using fabrics like cheesecloth. Designers are also testing the standard dress, by using potato sacks as fabric. Not only are we seeing raw edges, but also pre-wrinkled material. Think of the time you will save on ironing! This is a great look for fashionistas, but also for those who have yet to find confidence in their skills. When creating your outfit, make sure to have a focus piece. This is one look that can end up a problem if paired with like items. Who wants to run into someone, and have them think you are in your house work clothes? To make sure that no embarrassing run ends happen, try this look. Put a fashionably tattered shirt with a long boyfriend blazer, and leggings. This is a great outfit for a lunch date, or shopping. For a more professional look try an un-done dress like the rinsed silk, and cotton dress by Calvin Klein Collection. Paring this with hosiery and heels will play with contrasting styles of laid back vs. dressy. To finish off the look add a draped cardigan, and clutch.

For the women who need to walk on the wild side; embrace your inner entertainer. Not only are we seeing bright vibrant colors, but textures that will blow your mind. I am finding leather with embellishments being the front-runner.  Find your star piece. A great start is a leather item with detailing, like studding. If you are craving the same effect but want something new. A surprising, yet fabulous spin on the stud is chain-mail. It can adorn a jacket, skirt, or shirt. A great example of leather detail is the python and crocodile leather dress by Baliain. If you are feeling girlie, throw in a softer touch. Try an exaggerated flower jacket thrown into the mix. You can add your staple leather skirt to compliment the mixture. For this look try embroidered silk coat by Valentino. A jacket like this will steal the spot light. You will find that basing your outfit on the star piece will help you to add a supporting cast. A supporting cast with balance your focus piece. Just as the leather skirt helped tame the appearance of the jacket. Finish off your look with a textured side braid to create an effortless feel.

When experimenting with new looks, have fun with texture. Push the boundaries. Do not be intimidated when taking fashion risks.  Once your inner entertainer is found, she will know what to do.

Mother may I borrow your fanny pack?

March 23, 2010

This blog is meant to be fashion inspiring. The blog will not consist of worst dressed articles. You will not be seeing me making fun of the countless horrifying outfits of the celebrities. This being stated, I am about to break my rule. I am going to write ONE blog about something I detest. Never would I have thought to make this a blog topic. My close friend however brought this topic to my attention, and requested my thoughts. I followed her request with a sharp no.  This though was not the end. My mind has been thinking about it for weeks now. So here we go….. FANNY PACKS.  Even with my very open mind, I can not understand this concept. Upon seeing a fanny pack a few questions are raised. First, when adding volume to your stomach, as a woman, does this make you feel as though you are hiding your own stomach? If you have nothing to hide, then why add a pouch where there is none? Second, are you that busy, that you need “hands free” everything?  Your shoulder can no longer take on the stress. You need to upgrade to your hips? The process of the fanny pack coming back is a very disturbing one to me. I saw this coming. A few seasons ago I saw the belt with the small pocket hit the streets. My reaction was not that of amusement.  I froze with fear. I knew what to expect. I have to say this normal looking belt, with tiny a pocket was wearable. It was not my favorite, but people could pull it off. There was one problem. These belts were not happy being what they were. I think that something in the L.A. air contaminated them. This led to the mutation. This mutation caused them to grow larger, and reproduce. There is something alarming to the way they sit on you. This little pouch suctioned to your stomach. I am reminded of a parasite attaching to a host. There is a reason we have all seen “Alien”, the reason being is to be warned. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even have parties at my home. I will be host to no one.

Fashion, or alien parasite, you decide.

Walking the line Vs. Playing in the flowers

March 23, 2010

With so many new fashion trends for the season, I have found two very old friends in the mix. Welcoming in the spring as they always do, stripes, and floral.  Seeing the nautical stripes back, is always a signal for me that the winter months are over. I am happy to see that not only are stripes being paired in nautical themed outfits, but also with other prints. This is a nice way to freshen up an old favorite.  The pairing of a print ,with a stripe can be tricky. There are a couple basic rules to follow. If you are matching a bold stripe with another pattern, choose a petite print. This will help the main item be the statement, and the other be the compliment. This concept is the same if you want to put a large print with stripes. To do this reverse the order of the last rule. Pair a thin subtle stripe, with a bold print.

I am happy to say, I am finding the feminine floral print everywhere. Pull out your floral items that have been tucked away. If you do not have any, go henceforth, and buy!  This is a great way to add a new spin to your romantic items of the winter. Pair some of these muted items with a great colorful floral. I am not only finding the common basics with this print, but even pants. Not only is this youthful, but also fresh, and classy. I am loving the cropped floral peddler pants that keeps popping up everywhere I look. This style can be mixed, and matched with other prints that you have. Just as the stripes you want to pick a focus while combining prints. Bitsy, or dainty floral is the easiest to throw into the mix. This is a great place to start, if you are still a bit unsure of your skills.

Quiet the little girl in your mind from telling you lies. She will say these prints were only for your second grade picture. Not only was that jumper with tiny flowers great for your second grade picture, but also for that sunny lunch date. Look at the bright side. You can now decide that the matching headband, and crimped hair cross the line. Thanks, but, no thanks mom.

Forget the baret

March 17, 2010


My wine bottle savings account is on its way to being full! This will mean nothing to you. To me however this means I am one step closer to my trip to Paris.

While thinking about my plans, and day dreaming about how it     will be, I was inspired. This inspiration, as it usually does led me to Google images. As I typed in, french street style, I prepared myself for what was to come. A sea of chic women, AND men. How do you even just focus on one picture? There is something extremely different about the fashion stylings of the french. Something just so very different from the US. As I look through all the fashion that appears to happen with ease, something clicks. I am looking at a culture that appreciates fashion more than us Americans. They look at fashion as art. They are wearing fashion off the runway to walk down the street. A style that is not about picking something out because you are told it is popular, but dressing yourself to look good. Unique idea right? Well unfortunately it is unique here. In America we thrive on having what everyone else has.Why not try being dressing as a unique individual? No one else has the exact same figure as you do.  You do not have the hips that your friend does, or the chest of that model. Ask yourself what you do have. Dress that part of your body. Highlight what you have. Do not dwell on what you wish to have.  On the same note no one has had the same experiences as you have, leading them to have different taste. Why not instead of conforming yourself to fit in, you aspire to be genuinely yourself? What would that be like? what changes would you make?  How different would your style be? These are interesting questions we should all ask ourselves. There are other ways of life, and also other ways of thinking. Not only is fashion about challenging yourself, but the same goes for being a well-rounded individual.

The other thing that I noticed right off the bat is the confidence, and dare I say ambivalence. Each person being photographed for their fabulous fashion sense, looks as though they could care less. Honestly, if they are putting on a show, I bought it. They all look ,at ease with themselves. They look comfortable in their own skin. That comfort in themselves translates to the fashion coming off as effortless. Each person seems to have created their outfit to please themselves. They are missing the look of desperation. The look that I commonly see in the US. It’s the energy of trying too hard. I do not see one example while searching these pictures, of this desperation for approval. There is a charming combination of  comfort, fashion, confidence, and charisma. Combining these four things is successful outfitting. To be able to do this for yourself, you must first tackle the questions in the first paragraph. How does one exude confidence when one is not sure who they are? Beauty does come from the inside. The outer layers will follow.

So in conclusion I dare you to be french for a week, and see where it takes you.

(though I suggest leaving the fake accent out)

– Au Revoir

Blond Babes, my Heros

March 16, 2010

When researching my favorite blond women of fashion, I couldn’t help but miss my golden locks. Ah the days of old, when my hair shined like the sun. Ok enough, enough this is not the focus of this post. I will not make you read about my latest hair musings. This article is to show my heros of fashion. Who all happen to be blond bombshells, and fashionistas alike. I love all they do….even though I did find more topless pictures of Sienna Miller on the internet, then I did of her clothed fashion statements. Way to go ladies! Thanks for helping me mold my own style, and always inspiring me.

How to pull it off, tips for new trends

March 15, 2010

There are a never-ending stream of trends hitting the runway, and the streets. Unless you live in Manhattan, or Paris, you are more than likely not spotting them on the street. Instead you are seeing them for the first time on the glossy pages of your favorite magazine, or fitted to a mannequin in your local fashion retailer. It is easy to be a little confused by how to make these trends work on you. It does not help the cause when you are staring at a fashion model. Not only is she beautiful, but she is more than likely over six feet tall, and wearing it effortlessly. I would like to tackle some of the up coming trends, for those of us that are in the non model height range. Unless we plan to hide stilts under our pants, I guess we should take a stab at how to fit our body. AVERAGE HEIGHT GIRLS UNITE! I encourage anyone who is inspired by a new style, but a bit confused on how to make it work on themselves, to take a minute, and research. There is no excuse in this time and age, to just give up. We are in 2010. There is endless supply of websites, google pictures, and stacks of magazines at your local book store. When in doubt inform yourself.

Leopard Print

There are so many things that can go wrong with this one. You do not want to end up looking like a street-walker, and-or grandma Betty in her leopard coat, and matching accessories. That being said, be kind to yourself. Do not over match, or over dramatize your leopard item. This item is a bold print, it does not need extra help to stand out. The rule of thumb is one large item with this print, or two small items. Think ONE if a coat. As opposed to TWO headband, and shoe. If you are wearing a belt with a strong leopard print, and feeling daring pair it with a cute matching clutch. (though I would stay clear of the matching belt and shoe.) Instead of matching Leopard shoe with belt, and risking looking too matchy matchy. I would pair a yellow, or nude heel with your print belt. When dealing with large, or bold prints keep the rest of the outfit monochromatic. To finish the outfit try pairing it with some vintage stud earrings, for a classy look. If your going for more of a tough, trendy outfit, try a metal or enamel large loop chain necklace.


It’s all about the indigo right now. All you have to do is look at the Oscars to see this. Whether it be a formal Indigo gown, or a fun everyday piece. This trend bandwagon is one to jump on,  it is flattering on almost everyone. This color is a fun, but classy spin on black. Dare I sound cliché, and make you gag by calling it the “new black.” Anyways there is nothing holding you back from trying this one. For the brave at heart go for a BIG statement piece. Those of you that like to stay on the tame side, try just an accessory like a hand bag, jewelry piece, or even a subtle liquid eyeliner. Come on people the slanket, and the snuggy are being worn by not only all of America, but now also Americas canine friends. So what is your excuse for playing shy?  Let there be color. Unlike the snuggy, you don’t have to be ashamed to be seen in this trend.

As a rule I would like you to think of exaggerated fashions as fun, and something to be experimented with. Have a good time with it. When in doubt, less is more. The trick is finding that balance in your outfit. The items being put together should complement each other, not compete. Unless you are a part of the entertainment industry, to shock, and amaze is not your goal. When questioning if you have gone too far, ask yourself  “WWLGGD?” If GaGa would be jealous of your outfit, you might want to rethink it.

Hello pretty

March 13, 2010

Spring romantic is here. Pull out your curling irons, and wave that hair. Undone romantic.  Throw on your flirty skirts, lovely dresses, and finish with a cardi, or crochet piece. Final step to finish the look is…..(drum roll please) vintage belts, antique style jewelry, and feminine hair accessories. Have fun and be flirty.


March 9, 2010

You will notice a common thread in my posts. I bring up the effortless chic idea often, and for good reason. Anyone can follow trends, and jump on the next band wagon. How hard is it to walk in, and copy the first mannequin you see. That being said, now think about what true style is to you.

For me true style is an effortless chic.  I  think that effort should not show effort in you outfit. Its selling this appearance of rolling out of bed looking like a million dollars. A vibe of confidence, and comfort. When I say comfort I do not mean sweat pants, and sneakers. Comfort in your own skin. To wear your own skin with pride, and confidence. When one can feel good in the skin they are in, one can accessorize around that.

Two examples on the opposite end of the spectrum are Audrey Tautou, and Alexa Chung. Audrey being very classic, sophisticated, with many examples of clean line.  Alexa is attic chic as I like to call it. She has a thrown together look that works. A combination, of vintage, and high fashion.